Mosterman Plants Inc. produces hardy trees and shrubs for the Canadian and US wholesale nursery market. Our selections respond to the consumer need for small to medium sized trees and shrubs with interesting characteristics. We produce deciduous and coniferous seedlings, liners, grafts and whips, both ornamental and native material, for lining out or potting up. We also offer custom propagation.

Our customers are mainly wholesale growers and a few garden centres. We ship from BC east to the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes and south to Washington, Oregon and the Midwest USA. Shipping to the US is quite easy with our proximity to the border and a UPS agent in Sumas, Washington.

You may download our Availability List or call us to discuss your nursery stock needs. A descriptive catalogue and price list is available. You may phone, fax or email us to request this. Please note that we currently sell wholesale only; small nurseries are welcome but not retail customers at this time.

Please contact us if you would like to visit our nursery. We’d be happy to see you.